Administration building,
wash, repair and maintanance basis of railway carriages »

Istvántelek, 2009

Stadler Szolnok rail vehicle car bodies production plant I-II Phase »
Szolnok, 2008-2009

Repair centre for suburban electric multiple-unit trains »
Pusztaszabolcs, 2008

 Administration building, wash, repair and maintanance
basis of railway carriages

Istvántelek, 2009 | Gallery »

The hall was built in 1905, originally contained 8 hall- naves, on a territory of some 25.400 m2. Since its construc- tion it was typically used for repairing of railway carriages, the technology was served by an exterior and two inner trav- ersers.

The maintanance hall was designed and implemented up to a high standard in its days, it is a characteristic MÁV (Hungarian Railways) industrial building, which carries the substantive architectural values of his category. That is why the National Office of Cultural Heritage - yet temporarily - declared it protected. The hall's framework trussing was designed with steel truss colomns and main beams. The walls are made of a large-sized compact brick - without plaster, relatively simply, but the exterior rough brick surfaces are eloborately articulated. The new north facade is constructed by light steel-framed with heat-insulation placed in between the steel coloumns.
The restored roof is covered by insulated aluminum trapezium disk. The halls are suitable now for repairing electric multiple units instead of passenger cars. In accordance with these technological demands new side examining pits, wagon jacks, new washing equipment - with a washing tunnel with two moving gates - were designed, and within the space of the hall there is a two storey, independent utility maintanace shop. Right next to the maintanance basis an administration building on a territory of 1930 m2 was also renovated. The successful technical handover and acceptance was at the end of November 2009.