Administration building,
wash, repair and maintanance basis of railway carriages »

Istvántelek, 2009

Stadler Szolnok rail vehicle car bodies production plant I-II Phase »
Szolnok, 2008-2009

Repair centre for suburban electric multiple-unit trains »
Pusztaszabolcs, 2008

 Repair centre for suburban electric multiple-unit trains
Pusztaszabolcs, 2008 | Gallery »

On behalf of the Swiss Stadler Magyarország Kft. our company has designed the maintenance facilities for the suburban electric multiple-unit trains at Pusztaszabolcs. Our goal was to create a high-quality repair centre, matching the appear- ance of the modern and stylish STADLER trains.

Keeping the stucture of the existing two-nave-hall from the 1960’s being in good condition, we extended it by another two naves, so on a territory of total of 4164 m2 the following functions were placed: washing-cleaning hall, assembly room, a workshop, line of stores and offices, dressing rooms, boiler house and further stores and the wheel lathe hall on the level above. Into the big hall the light comes through the fixed skylight lanes placed on the roof, the glass surface of the back-end facade and through the glass facade of the offices on the gallery level. The crane rail received a strong colour: the sunset orange steel construction is a dominant mood element, which insures a friendly atmosphere with the group of lifting devices of the same colour. The track in the washing hall was coated by a system with the name GREEN TRACK, which is a patented plastic environmental collector tray system, for collecting and drainage of the wash-water.
Office level: with unique steel construction. Onto the end facades we planned glass folding walls and a plum-coloured cover.