Administration building,
wash, repair and maintanance basis of railway carriages »

Istvántelek, 2009

Stadler Szolnok rail vehicle car bodies production plant I-II Phase »
Szolnok, 2008-2009

Repair centre for suburban electric multiple-unit trains »
Pusztaszabolcs, 2008

 Stadler Szolnok rail vehicle car bodies production
plant I-II Phase

Szolnok, 2008-2009 | Gallery »

The area is located in the southwestern part of the Szolnok Industrial Park on a territory of 120.000 m2. Our company was entrusted by STADLER Szolnok Kft. with the full planning of a new factory for manufacturing of rail vehicle aluminium car bodies to be realised in three phases.

The first unit of the production plant, realised through the first phase, where bodies are constructed and assembled, was delivered on 30. November 2008. This production unit was built on a territory of 7.500 m2, and includes the social units, dressing rooms, showers, an office block, a car body assembly plant, the handling and transferring space, a hall for painting repairing, sandblasting, painting cabines, a hall for painting preparation and a sandblasting chamber. In the second phase, which was delivered on 30. November 2009, on 4.536 m2 the production and manufacture of the unit parts of the car bodies and after the assembling, their polishing and surface treatment takes place. In the third, perspective phase the loading and the assembly of the elsewhere - apart from a car body - manufactured other railcar main parts (engine, bogies etc.) will be realised. There is a thoroughfare between the halls and according to the technological arrangement, they are accessible from 3 sides. The two-storey social and office block is situating in the center of gravity of the establishment. The halls had to be constituted in a way that the new building could be joined to the existing factory with only smaller structural and technological  reconstructions.